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How Freelancers Build & Sustain A Steady Stream of Paying Clients

Freelancing Course Summary

Welcome to this course on How freelancers can sustain a steady stream of paying clients where you will learn how to find, sell, and grow your freelancing business into a sustainable vocational path.

We'll also explore how this area of focus is part of a larger strategy to flourish as a freelancer.

I'm Jason Scott Montoya and as a freelancer and lifelong entrepreneur, I'll be leading you through this course.

In 2014, I decided to shift from building a business to operating instead as an independent freelancer.

Taking the lessons I learned from the prior seven-year business journey, I develop and codified a blueprint for flourishing as a freelancer, which I wrote in my first book, Path of the Freelancer, spurred on by the numerous freelancers I was personally mentoring.

By taking this course, you can quickly sift through the noise of what you need to do (and what you need not worry about) when it comes to getting clients in a consistent way.

Instead of wondering, I'll clearly give you a step-by-step process for building and growing a foundation that will sustain your freelancing pathway indefinitely. It's the same system I've used since 2014 to succeed as a freelancer.

When you are done with this course, you will be able to consistently find and attract prospects to work with you.

Specifically, we will quickly run through the eight achievements of a successful freelancer and then narrow in on the third achievement, which is sustaining a steady stream of paying clients.

We'll explore sales styles and picking the one that works best for you, how to develop a predictable sales process, how you can build a team of advocates to help you sell your services, and what you can do to arrive at a place where people and companies seek you out.

If you are a freelancer and struggled to generate leads, move leads through the pipeline, and ultimately need helping generating more income for your freelancing business, this course is for you.

Stop struggling with revenue and sales creation and start doing the activity that will let you live the life you dreamed of when you entered into freelancing.

Feel free to look through the course outline and description, and I look forward to hearing your feedback about the lessons learned.

Course Outline

  • What To Expect From This Course
  • My Story of Becoming a Freelancer
  • The 8 Achievements of Successful Freelancers
  • Building a Steady Stream of Paying Clients
  • Finding & Attracting New Projects
  • Sales as a Predictable Process
  • Building a Team of Advocates
  • Referrals Seeking You Out
  • Giving Away Your Time
  • Wrapping Up

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