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Freelancing Is Difficult. Are You Ready For This Rewarding Challenge?

After the shut down of his marketing firm, Jason Montoya unexpectedly had numerous business owners and non-profit leaders requesting his help to solve their organization's communication problems.

Facing numerous challenges as a new freelancer, he quickly integrated his business insights to move through the many familiar obstacles he faced. He then began sharing with other freelancers a framework of eight vital achievements, see below, that took him to a state of personal and vocational flourishing.

Behind these covers, he dives into these mile markers, unveils a blueprint and shares personal stories to help guide and equip other freelancers in their difficult but rewarding journey.

"A comprehensive guide to achieving freelance success"

"With the right balance of personal experience and solid business advice, Jason has written a comprehensive guide to achieving freelance success. Infused with memorable analogies and infographics, The Path of the Freelancer appeals to a variety of learning types, and remains engaging throughout an impressive amount of content. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is either getting into freelancing, or ready to take their current business to the next level."

-Ryan Battles, Co-Founder of Harpoon (A Freelancer's Financial Tool)

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"Extremely perceptive and filled with valuable insight"

I've read "Path Of The Freelancer" in its entirety and recommend it to anybody that's looking to start freelancing - in any field - and also to those who already are freelancers. Jason is extremely perceptive and is filled with valuable insight that he regularly pours into others in an effort to help them. This book is his attempt to do that for those that he'd otherwise not be able to help.

-Keith Taylor, Professional Freelance Photographer

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"An invaluable resource for both novice [& experienced] freelancers"

"Jason Montoya offers freelancers an in-depth roadmap on how to succeed in what is rapidly becoming the career of choice for many people. The book is structured in eight 'achievements' that logically takes the reader from understanding the lifestyle of a freelancer to marketing, sales, client relationships and finances - from both a business and personal basis. It is a working guide and invaluable resource for both novice freelancers and those who have been involved in this way of making a living for many years."

-Toby Bloomberg, Social Media Specialist

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"It's a brilliant piece of go-to-guide for years to come!"

As a freelancer, Path of the Freelancer is a must read. It's a brilliant piece of work I glean from and recommend to all my colleagues. It will be my go-to-guide for years to come!

-Allison Miller, Speaker and Author of Desperate for Love

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"His insightful and wise commentary is always refreshing and his perspectives, unique and thoughtful."

"Jason offers tremendous insight to not only the freelancer but to any professional wanting to hone their skills in the communications/marketing space. His insightful and wise commentary is always refreshing and his perspectives, unique and thoughtful. A great read."

Michael Stewart

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"I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone wanting to become a freelancer!"

"I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone wanting to become a freelancer! Jason became a successful freelancer in his own right, and walks you through his process and path in this book. In this book. He teaches lessons that make the path to freedom through freelancing so clear. Thanks so much for putting this together for everyone wanting to become a freelancer Jason!!"

-Jason Long, Founder Of BrainLeaf

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An Additional Amazon Review Of Path Of The Freelancer

Jason Montoya offers his readers a practical decision-framework and roadmap that they can use to launch a thriving freelancing practice. The wealth of actionable pieces of advice that Mr. Montoya gives is also useful to freelancers with an established practice.

To his credit, the author is very honest about what he has done both right and wrong during his professional, personal, and spiritual journey. The experience that Mr. Montoya gained at Noodlehead Marketing, that he founded and then shut down, clearly helped him in successfully transitioning into freelancing. His expertise in marketing communication was clear to me when I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation that he gave recently in Atlanta, GA.

Importantly, the book under review is also useful to the clients who pay for the expertise of freelancers. Freelancers and clients have a significantly higher probability of building a win-win relationship if they have a better appreciation for their respective needs.

In summary, the Path of the Freelancer stands out as a practical guide that freelancers and their clients would be wise to consult regularly.

- Serge J. Van Steenkiste

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