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Speaking On Freelancing

"Outstanding talk by Jason Montoya! I absolutely LOVED your personal style AND your organizational structure." - Allen Helms

Are you interested in Jason speaking at your event on the topic of freelancing? If so, there are three approaches we offer. The first approach is where Jason speaks at a high level about the eight achievements from the book. The second approach is where Jason takes one of the eight achievements and goes for a deep dive teaching all four checkpoints within the selected achievement. We break it down further below. The third approach is a custom event, panel or request for Jason to moderate a panel or event.

Approach 1: Summarize All Eight Achievements

For those not aware of the book or its eight achievements, the summary agenda provides a helpful survey of all eight achievements and what they entail. Each of the achievements receives around five minutes and the entire talk can be done in as short as forty-five minutes or as long as seventy-five minutes. In either case, fifteen to thirty minutes can be provided for questions and answers after the talk is concluded.

Approach 2: Explore One Specific Achievement

Within each achievement, except the first, there are four checkpoints where Jason takes the audience through one of the achievements listed below. As part of the deeper dive approach, Jason will spend about ten minutes with each checkpoint diving into the achievement and will equip the audience to digest and apply the content in their work lives. This deeper dive talk can be extended from forty-five to seventy-five minutes and can also conclude with fifteen to thirty minutes of questions and answers.

The following eight vital achievements are the topics you can select to take a deeper dive on.

  1. Fully Committed To Freelance
  2. Offerings In A Compelling Package
  3. Steady Stream Of Paying Clients
  4. Active Clients Are Maximized
  5. Unaffected By The Roller Coaster
  6. Wise & Precise Financial Management
  7. Unified Personal and Work Lives
  8. We Share What We've Mastered

Approach 3: Custom Events, Panels & Moderation

Do you have a custom event, a need for a freelancing panel or a request for Jason to moderate your event or panel? If so, we can help. Share the details of what you're looking for and we're happy to discuss if and how we can work together on your next event. 


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