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Guest Blogging For Path Of The Freelancer

We invite freelancers and topical experts to write guest posts for our freelancing blog in exchange for the exposure to our community (No Compensation). Your guest blog could be an insight, your freelancing story or an answer to a common freelancing question. Read below to see what each entails.

Insights - Share what you've learned that's helped you flourish as a freelancer as a way to help others do the same. These insights will fall under one or many of the book's eight achievements listed below. Click here for examples of shared insights.

  1. Fully Committed To Freelance
  2. Offerings In A Compelling Package
  3. Steady Stream Of Paying Clients
  4. Active Clients Are Maximized
  5. Unaffected By The Roller Coaster
  6. Wise & Precise Financial Management
  7. Unified Personal and Work Lives
  8. We Share What We've Mastered

Stories - Share the ups and downs of your freelancing journey to inspire other freelancers. Click here for story examples.

Questions - Answer a commonly asked freelancing questions. Click here for our question and answer examples.

  • General Freelancing
  • Technical & Skill Related

The VISION: All Blog Posts Empower (Educate, Inspire, Reassure) Freelancers To Flourish.

Guest Blog Post Direction

  • Create the blog post draft in Google Docs, at least 500 words in length.
  • Find a picture using one of the image repositories from the Freelancer's Toolbox (Click images category on toolbox page).
  • Use the Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule to create a compelling headline for your blog post.
  • Use Grammarly or Hemmingway to correct minor grammatical errors.
  • Fill out the form on your right (or below if on mobile) to submit the blog post for review.


Path Of The Freelancer
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